Agnes Scott has completed the pilot of AgnesInsights, a new webinar series designed to keep alumnae informed on topics of interest.

Stay tuned for information on future AgnesInsights offerings. If you missed any of our fall and winter webinars, you can watch the recordings below. 



Past Webinars

SUMMIT: Updates Since the Launch, and What's Next

Presenter: Elaine Meyer-Lee, associate vice president for global learning and leadership development

SUMMIT reinvents a liberal arts education for the 21st century by preparing every student to be an effective change agent in a global society. Guided by a personal board of advisors, every student, regardless of major, designs an individualized course of study and co-curricular experiences that develop leadership abilities and understanding of complex global dynamics. This webinar will update alumnae on developments since the launch and preview what's next for Agnes Scott's signature initiative.

An Introduction to Agnes Scott's Graduate Programs

Presenters: Kelly H. Ball, Ph. D, assistant dean for graduate and extended programs, and Aise Cannon, MAT, director of graduate admission

国产偷拍视频Agnes Scott College's graduate and extended programs enhance the intellectual life of the college by enabling graduate and post-baccalaureate students to undertake advanced study and prepare for professional work while engaging the intellectual and social challenges of their times. This webinar will keep alumnae abreast of new and upcoming programs, accreditation news and more.

Endowment 101

Presenter: Adrian Cronje, chief investment officer, Balentine
Agnes Scott College Board of Trustees Investment Committee chair

This webinar is a great opportunity to find out more about this vital source of funding for Agnes Scott -- how it fits into the overall picture of our revenues and expenses, how it's managed, and the challenges and opportunities the Investment Committee is considering as we look to the future.

Additional Endowment Q&A:

国产偷拍视频Question - Since you have changed advisors, what criteria will you use to determine if the change was warranted?

Answer - The same way we always hold our advisor accountable. We monitor whether they are meeting or exceeding the benchmarks we set for them in pursuit of Agnes Scott College’s endowment’s long-term return and risk objectives, so that we know they are delivering value for the fee we pay them for the investment advice and other help they are giving us.